Anovax Team

Anovax is a team of researchers and fieldwork staff supported by an administrative department. Our network stretches across Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Jared Bucher
Senior Research Consultant
Jared’s academic background is in International Studies with a focus on East Asia. His academics laid the foundation for his future work and life in China. Jared has spent time studying, working, and living in China since 2009. This has afforded him an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture that aids him in proficiently adapting and guiding research studies. 
An avid traveler, Jared jumps at each opportunity to travel around China and interact with the people and culture on a personal level where he is exposed to new ideas.
Since joining Anovax, Jared has managed both quantitative and qualitative studies. His variety of work experiences has given him the needed skill set to effectively manage any project while providing diligent and detailed service to clients.