Anovax Team

Anovax is a team of researchers and fieldwork staff supported by an administrative department. Our network stretches across Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Marcos Cronander
Research Consultant

Marcos has lived and worked in China since 2012 and has developed a significant understanding of Chinese markets and culture. He has extensive and diverse project management experience interacting with both Chinese and Western companies. This experience coupled with his understanding of Chinese culture, allow him to deftly create, adapt, and guide research studies suited to the clients' needs. 

A consummate people person, Marcos has a passion for interacting with and learning from people giving him the ability to put himself in the heads of different consumers and making him a valued asset.

Since joining Anovax, Marcos has managed quantitative and qualitative projects providing versatile research designs and insightful analysis of research findings. He strives to provide clients with valuable marketing strategies that will help them succeed in the China market.