Anovax Team

Anovax is a team of researchers and fieldwork staff supported by an administrative department. Our network stretches across Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Jacky Wong
Managing Director

Jacky began his research career in Hong Kong back in 1982. His complete grasp of research theory and ability to turn that theory into practice saw him quickly rise to management level, where he has had the opportunity to design and implement projects across a broad range of categories.

After accumulating several years of experience in Hong Kong, he was employed by a research company in 1989 based in Singapore to oversee their operations department in Singapore and Malaysia.

He was then recruited in 1991 by one of the world’s leading market research companies, NFO/MBL, and relocated to Taiwan. In 1999, following rapid economic growth in China, Jacky was appointed as managing director by the group, responsible for developing the company’s presence in China. After his appointment, NFO China became one of the fastest growing operations among all the group companies across the world.

He has been based in China since then, eventually establishing his own consulting company, Anovax Marketing & Research Consultants, where he can ensure that all major projects are conducted according to the high standards he sets.

In addition to the locations in which he has been based, Jacky has been requested by multinational clients to personally oversee research projects across different countries around the world such as the Greater China Region (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the UK, and Germany, to mention just a few.

Though Jacky has overseen the operations of a major global research company, he remains a hands-on researcher, and has continued managing and conducting research projects throughout the duration of his career.
For every project in which Jacky’s involvement is requested by the client, he is heavily involved in research design, fieldwork execution, data analysis, and reporting.
When it comes to qualitative research in particular, he has conducted over 2,000 focus groups all over Asia, involving himself in a project from conception to completion. His fluency in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese allows him to conduct groups across many different geographical regions throughout Asia.
The research always remains completely focused on the aims and objectives of the client and it is for this reason that Jacky likes to closely liaise with clients throughout the entire project.
Jacky understands that close consultation with the client is essential to understanding the overall brand strategy of a company. By mapping out current brand position and future direction, Jacky is able to use his deep understanding of local markets and firm grasp of brand development to offer actionable recommendations that ensure the client's brand or product achieves sustained success.