About Anovax

We are a team of passionate, driven researchers who are curious about understanding human psychology and enthusiastic about brands and marketing.

Core Anovax Values:
Passion, Drive, And Enthusiasm

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brains is a craftsman; a man who works with his hands, his brains and his heart is an artist."

Passion surrounds us; it transcends our lives and permeates every level of our being. It drives our imagination and brings us to uncharted territories.

Passion transforms us and inspires us to travel the breadth and depth of human psychology unraveling multi-layered complexities in our search for new trends that define the future.

Our passion and curiosity for human psychology and sociology inspire us. What makes people think, feel and do what they do? How does culture influence a person’s life? What makes them think differently? What makes them tick? Why do they act differently from what they say? What drives people’s lifestyles and attitudes?

We are determined to succeed and be at the top of our industry. We strive to make a difference and leave a mark in the world of marketing and market research. Inspired, we are tireless and fearless. Challenge drives us. Our enthusiasm for brands and marketing sharpens our vision. We love patterns, symbols and images and are curious about how these tools of brand imagery and communication are perceived by consumers.


Research Conception Stage

Anovax consistently challenges clients to rethink their research plan and provides new ideas and new ways of conducting research that fits into a Chinese context and maximizes the effectiveness of the research findings.

Research Process Stage

Anovax does not compromise the simplicity of findings, but in fact strives to discover the underlying factors that cause consumers to think and react the way they do. As a result, Anovax is able to uncover new findings that enable us to truly understand the situation from the perspective of the consumer.

Research Analysis Stage

The research team features a blend of both foreign and local researchers and enables Anovax to bridge the gap between overseas clients and the Chinese consumers they are marketing to. As a result, Anovax is able to easily identify disparities between the expectations of overseas clients and the behavior of Chinese consumers. Moreover, Anovax prides itself on our ability to analyze and report our findings in a way that includes actionable recommendations that will be successful in maximizing the effectiveness of marketing strategies in China.

Research Services

Anovax is able to provide a variety of data and analysis deliverables depending on the specific requirements of each project.
Anovax researchers advise clients on adapting projective techniques to a Chinese context.

Quantitative Research

–  Telephone interviews
–  Face-to-face interviews
–  Central location tests
–  Online surveys
–  In-home placement tests
–  Sensory Testing
–  Shelf and pack visibility tests
–  Car clinics

Qualitative Research

–  Focus groups
–  In-depth interviews
–  Ethnographic studies
–  Ideation studies
–  Shop-Along studies
–  "Day-in-the-life" studies
–  Pantry observation studies
–  Ad pre-testing