Commitment to Data Quality

One of the biggest concerns for companies and researchers operating in China is the quality of data they obtain. Fabricated or invalid data is rampant and represents a considerable risk for organizations looking for data to help drive their marketing strategies in China. Whether the research employs recruiters, interviewers, fieldwork supervisors, or translators, the challenge that needs to be overcome is ensuring that no shortcuts within established procedures are taken.

At Anovax, we pride ourselves on the quality of our data and by incorporating stringent guidelines and processes into our fieldwork procedures we are able to effectively eliminate the opportunities for shortcut taking so that fieldwork and respondent quality can be maintained. Our multi-layered recruitment process and quality control procedures ensure that respondents are of high quality and meet all sample requirements specified by the client.

Anovax was one of the first research agencies in China to institute audio recording for all quantitative interviews regardless of whether the interviews are conducted at a central location, on the street, or at our office. As part of our fieldwork process, all field interviewers are required to wear a digital audio recording device for each interview from the moment of intercept to the last question asked. Recordings serve as a third party monitor system to ensure that interviewers are conducting themselves precisely as directed and that no responses are fabricated or respondents “coached”. Recordings can be reviewed by our fieldwork management and quality control teams so that any discrepancies in the data or procedure can be immediately addressed. We are so confident in our quality standard that we encourage our clients to conduct their own audits during or at completion of fieldwork.