Measuring Success – Wu Zi

Understanding a consumer’s aspirations is key when formulating an effective strategy that will enable a brand to form a strong, long-lasting relationship with that consumer. From a psychological perspective, all human beings have a desire to be respected and admired. As outlined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-esteem can be a powerful force in one’s decision making process.

For the majority of Chinese consumers in first and second tier cities, wu zi reflects the basic benchmark for measuring success and therefore achieving this self-esteem that humans strive for.

In Chinese, “wu zi” literally means or “five things” and refers to:
yinzi or piaozi (money)
fangzi (house)
chezi (car)
qizi (wife)
haizi (child)

Attaining wu zi is a standard against which all Chinese males are judged.

Speaking to males in their mid-20s, most feel pressured to achieve car and home ownership before they will be considered eligible to marry. Thus, attainment of money, a home and a car are considered prerequisites for marriage and a family.